The Thai calendar(s)

In a distant past, there was no precise notion of the day among ordinary Thais living in rural areas. However, as they sustained themselves through agriculture, they were attuned to the rhythm of nature. The arrival of the rainy [...]

Bang Kachao – Bangkok’s secret oasis

Truth be told, "hidden diamonds" don't exist in Bangkok - at least not for a long duration. Bang Kachao (บางกะเจ้า) has been a popular sanctuary for Bangkokians and international visitors for many years. In 2006, the artificial [...]

Chinese New Year in Bangkok

The Chinese New Year is one of the most anticipated celebrations in Thailand. Although it is not a public holiday, it is just as important as Songkran for a significant proportion of the Thai population. About 14% are of [...]

ICONSIAM – Just another shopping mall?

If you travel on the Chao Phraya River near Taksin Bridge, you will likely notice an enormous construction site with a peculiar-looking facade. The ICONSIAM is a future multifunctional shopping complex and said to become the next [...]

The Sathorn Unique Tower: A haunted place?

Overlooking the Chao Phraya River, the Sathorn Unique Tower is perhaps Bangkok's most intriguing sight - for those who dare to approach it. Remnant of a financial crisis from the late 90s, the unfinished high rise has been [...]

10 things to do when it rains in Bangkok

Despite the magnificence of the Grand Palace or the Temple of Dawn which are one of the most popular sights in Bangkok, it's no fun visiting them on a rainy day. Especially if you come during [...]

Did you say mango sticky rice TART?

If you love Thai food, then you have almost certainly tried or heard about mango with sticky rice before. Although Thai cuisine has a good variety of desserts, this is by far the most popular one. Simple and heavenly [...]

Trip at 6 in the morning

You may be wondering what there's to see in Bangkok so early in the morning. Actually, a lot as I found out today. I had a sleepless night and at half past 5 am I was craving for a [...]