How are tours priced?

The price of a tour may depend on the group size, the age of participants and in some cases the height of children. As arbitrary as it may sound, certain temples in Bangkok charge different fees for children according ...


What tours can I book?

I am constantly working on new itineraries to show you the best of Bangkok and its vicinity. My suggested tours, such as the Bangkok Essential Temple Tour, cover some of the most popular sights. I can also create a ...


Are Binn Tours customizable?

All Binn Tours are private. As such, they are fully customizable and centered on your personal interests. Moreover, the program remains flexible even on the tour day! Simply let me know what you're interested in and we'll take it ...


Are Binn Tours private?

Yes, all my tours are private and reserved for your group only - even if you're a solo traveler. The recommended maximum size of each group is limited to 6 persons which does not include the tour guide.